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Holidays… As you like it in Goa! Amrita Guest house offers you Beach Serviced accommodations at most happening place at Calangute Beach in North Goa.

Clarks Farm House

The Clarks Farm House is at Wagodhia, Gujarat naturally lavish by pristine nature in an area of 20 acres.

Hotel Midtown (Karol Bagh)

Delhi Clarks offers budget accommodation in the heart of Delhi in Karol Bagh. Which is Asia’s largest retail market hotel is very next to metro station.

Hotel Hilltop (Rajender Nagar)

Delhi Clarks offers budget accommodation in the heart of Capital in Rajender Nagar. Hotel Hilltop is located at a close distance from Asia’s largest market Karol Bagh and New Delhi Railway Station.

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Independent Serviced accommodation is a fully furnished; fully-equipped which has separate living room, dining room and sleeping areas, along with a fully functional kitchen (that includes utensils, crockery, and cookware with no charge, also you can cook your own meals as per your taste or have maid service on demand), swimming pool and often many extras that make an accommodation a home away from home. Independent Serviced accommodations do not charge for any housekeeping like bed linens, toiletries, towels. Independent Serviced accommodations are good for larger families and groups where you all can have fun under one roof. Nowadays many Companies are utilizing serviced accommodation as an option for short-term as well as long-term stays.

What sets a serviced accommodation apart from a hotel room are the homely touches like more space and atmosphere offered by careful selection of furniture’s and décor, and a level of privacy that far surpasses that experienced in a hotel.


HotelServiced Accommodations / VillasRegular Accommodations

Hotel you select, space is usually fairly limited and costly. For example, regular hotel rooms are smaller in size and not meant for longer stays.Only star hotels have swimming pools.

Independent Serviced accommodations offer bigger space for the families / groups. In Serviced accommodations, families / groups can enjoy together under one roof with their own privacy. Our Independent serviced accommodations and Villas have swimming pool.

Regular accommodations are also available in different sizes. All accommodations does not have swimming pool.

Amenities and Services

Most of the hotels room does not have additional amenities like a sleeping area, drawing area, dining area, fully-functional kitchen, and spacious bathrooms.

Amenities sleeping area, drawing area, dining area, fully-functional kitchen (that includes utensils, crockery, and cookware with no charge), and spacious bathrooms that not only enable you to make lot of savings but also do not charge for any housekeeping like bed linens, toiletries, towels etc. Independent Serviced accommodations ensure a hassle-free stay.

Regular accommodations come with limited amenities and tenants often have to furnish and equip the accommodation themselves.


Hotel is always most expensive option when you have to stay for mid to long term with larger groups and families. Hotel prices are designed for short term stay only.

When you stay in serviced accommodations savings are very high for big & small families and larger groups whether you choose to stay for short term or long term. We have 4-3-2-1 Bedrooms branded accommodations available for various requirements at affordable prices. Matter of fact, biggest advantage in serviced accommodation is fully functional kitchen. You can cook meals as per your own taste or have maid service on demand.

Regular accommodation if you rent, you need to pay rent deposit and other cost like water, electricity, cleaning services and also have to pay building maintenance charges.

Length of Stay and Commitment

Hotel stays are always expensive for longer stay and for larger families and friends.

Serviced accommodations are good and comfortable for longer stay and very cost effective for groups and larger families and also feels like you are at home.

Regular accommodations are bound by minimum eleven months Lease.


Most of the hotels offers very little privacy – walls can be thin and many other guests and staff continuously use the hallways outside your room. Also Housekeeping visits the room each day. Lesser Privacy

A serviced accommodation always offers more privacy as you in enjoy in your own home, with the added comfort of knowing that there is help whenever needed.

Regular accommodation offers too much privacy. For smooth and hassle free stay you do not have a dedicated help if anything goes wrong.